Lumina Flashlight Torch passes the 9 million downloads mark | Avelgood Apps

Lumina Flashlight Torch passes the 9 million downloads mark
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Flashlight Torch

We are delighted to share that today Lumina now has over 9 million downloads. Lumina is the first app we ever published and it was released on Nokia Ovi Store in August 2012. It became quite popular and within 3 months it had already surpassed 1 million downloads.

The app was mainly designed for basic feature phones running on the S40 and Symbian platforms. Most of these devices do not have a camera flash and so the users utilise the screen’s back-light to get illumination in the dark. Lumina makes this task easier by blocking the device’s screensaver so that the screen remains on continuously.

Lumina is distributed on Nokia Store (7 944 348 downloads), Opera Mobile Store (1 044 461 downloads) and Windows Phone Store (11 518 downloads).

On Ovi Store the app has 7875 ratings averaging 4 stars and 1314 reviews.

To be honest when we released Lumina Flashlight Torch we never expected it to become this successful. It was actually just an exercise to get familiar with the app publishing process on Nokia Store whilst we were thinking of “bigger ideas”.  The idea was to make a simple app (took just a day) submit it to the Nokia Store and learn the ropes so that we don’t fumble when we are about to release what we thought will be the killer apps. But the simplicity of the app resonated with the market and Nokia who featured Lumina quite a lot on the Store.

So to all the users of Lumina and Nokia (now Microsoft Mobile) we just want to say thanks a million getting us here.

Below are some stats from the Nokia Store.

Lumina downloads by country Lumina downloads by country

Lumina downloads by device Lumina downloads by device

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