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It is a medium sized dove, distinctly smaller than the Wood Pigeon, similar in length to a Rock Pigeon but slimmer and longer-tailed, and slightly larger than the related Turtle Dove. It is 32cm long, with a wingspan of 47-55 cm (19-22 in) and a body mass of 125-240g. It is grey-buff to pinkish-grey overall, a little darker above than below, with a blue-grey under wing patch. The tail feathers are grey-buff above, and dark grey tipped white below; the outer tail feathers also tipped whitish above. It has a black half-collar edged with white on its nape from which it gets its name. The short legs are red and the bill is black. The iris is red. The eye is surrounded by a small area of bare white or yellow skin

Habitat and Distribution





The female lays two white eggs in a stick nest, which she incubates during the night and which the male incubates during the day. Almost all nests are within 1km of inhabitated buildings. Incubation lasts between 14 and 18 days, with the young fledging after 15 to 19 days. Breeding occurs throughout the year when abundant food is available.

Calls and Songs

The song is a coo-COO-coo, repeated many times. It also makes a harsh loud screeching call lasting about two seconds, particularly in flight just before landing.

Credit: Wikipedia