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The Eurasian Nuthatch is 14 cm (5.5 in) long and has the typical nuthatch big head, short tail and powerful bill and feet. It is blue-grey above, with a black eyestripe. Asian and north European birds (S. e. asiatica and S. e. europaea respectively) are white below except for chestnut in the vent area. The western European S. e. caesia has generally reddish underparts. Young birds are “washed out” versions of the adults.

Habitat and Distribution

This bird is found throughout temperate Europe and Asia. It is a resident bird of deciduous woods and parkland, with some old trees for nesting.


It has the ability, like other nuthatches, to climb down trees, unlike species such as woodpeckers which can only go upwards. It will come to bird feeding tables and is then very aggressive, driving other species away.


Nests are in holes or crevices, lined with bark or grass. The size of the hole’s entrance may be reduced by the building of a neat mud wall. Five to eight eggs are laid, white speckled with red.

Calls and Songs

This is a noisy bird, often located by its repeated tui-tui-tui call.

Credit: Wikipedia