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Habitat and Distribution

This species is found in the Western Ghats from around Goa south to southern Kerala in moist evergreen forest mainly below 1200 m elevation. They are also found in coffee estates. They often visit fruiting Ficus species, joining flocks of green pigeon and mynas.


Malabar Barbets feed mainly on fruits but sometimes takes grubs, termites (flycatching at emerging swarms of alates), ants and small caterpillars.


The breeding season is mainly February to March prior to the rains. The nest hole is excavated on the underside of thin branches. It takes about 18 days to excavate the nest. The Malabar Barbet lay two eggs in a clutch. They are incubated for 14 to 15 days. The chicks fledge in about 35 days.

Calls and Songs

Credit: Wikipedia