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Twigle is about to get even better & you can help.
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Twigle - Bird Identification App icon

We are working on greatly improving the accuracy of the bird song identification feature of Twigle. Our goal is to increase the accuracy of Twigle so that the correct bird is in the top 3 results 90% of the time by April 2015. Currently for the 50 most common birds Twigle is able to put the correct bird in the top 10.

We are running a crowdfunding campaign on where we are trying to raise funds to finance work on improving the audio recognition accuracy of Twigle‬, our bird song identification app. Twigle helps bird watchers to identify birds by recording a few seconds of the bird singing and analysing the recording to find out what that bird is.

We would appreciate it very much if you can support our fundraising by most importantly sharing the link to my Indiegogo campaign page with other people in your network and/or contributing any amount of money that you are able to, every dollar will make a lot of difference.

Here is the link to our campaign page

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