WikiSurfer iOS FAQ | Avelgood Apps

General info

What is the difference between WikiSurfer apps and the mobile view of Wikimedia websites?

The WikiSurfer apps provide a different reading experience optimized for iOS devices and the ability to save pages for offline reading—to name just a few.

Who develops the WikiSurfer apps?

WikiSurfer apps are made by Avelgood Apps.

Offline reading and data

Can I save articles for offline reading?

To save an article for reading later, just tap the “heart” icon in the bottom bar while viewing the article. To view your saved articles, just tap on the WS menu in the upper left corner, and tap “Saved pages”.

Does your app track me? Do you use my data?

Yes, the app will track some of your actions. No personal information will be shared with 3rd parties. These reports are only sent when you activate the option, which is enabled by default. It can be easily deactivated from the WS menu. We also have crash reporting to help us fix bugs. If a crash is detected, you will be prompted with the option to send us the crash report if you like. (Please say yes! It helps us a lot.) All collected data is anonymous.

Readability and adjustments

Can I change font size and background color?

Not at the moment, though we plan to work on user-configurable font sizes in the near future.

Can I play audio or video in the app?

Unfortunately, neither audio nor video are currently supported in the app.

Bug reporting

Where do I report bugs?

Please email support (at) avelgood (dot) com. Please include as much information about your device, the app version you’re using, and screenshots if you can.


Do I have to be logged in to edit?

No. You can edit without creating a username or logging in, but note that your IP address will be associated with your edits, and will be visible to anyone who reads the page’s history.

Can I upload pictures?

Can I view a page’s history and talk pages?

The application doesn’t currently support viewing history and talk pages

Getting in touch

If I have a question or a suggestion, how do I reach out?

You can email us at: support (at) avelgood (dot) com


Adapted from the Wikimedia Apps/iOS FAQ. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.