WikiSurfer Privacy Policy | Avelgood Apps

This privacy policy explains the personal information that the app collects and how it is used.

WikiSurfer is a set of client apps for various wiki projects managed by the Wikimedia Foundation. Please consult their privacy policy to see what information is collected and how it is used by the Wikimedia Foundation. All user accounts, logins, web queries are on the websites managed by the Wikimedia Foundation. WikiSurfer does not store your account credentials for these Wikimedia projects.

Some features of WikiSurfer uses location services to provide locally relevant content. The app requires your consent to use your location.  The location is sent Wikimedia websites to provide the relevant information.

Beyond that we will not share your location data with any third party services. We will not use the location information to identify or contact you. Before we start accessing your location we will first ask for your permission.

This app incorporates analytics to gather information on app usage, such the number of times the app is opened, page views, device model, app crashes, etc. None of the information collected will be used to personally identify or contact you.

We use this information to better understand app usage so as to improve WikiSurfer.